Niefra Control originated from a technical security company. Based on our own need to monitor energy consumption, we started looking for a simple way to keep energy costs within budget.

On our platform, you can read various data, such as electricity, gas and water

About Niefra Control

Various market studies demonstrate the importance of energy management. Particularly in today’s environment, this is a key point for a company’s expenses. In addition, there is an obligation to engage in sustainable business practices.


We want to be in control of our energy consumption and associated costs, and we want to engage in sustainable business practices.


Niefra Control has compiled the ultimate system components that can provide information to stay in control of the total energy needs of the company and to manage it effectively.


We all may recognize the following situations:

  • An open overhead door while the heater is running at full capacity
  • Windows left open while the air conditioning is on
  • A faucet or water pipe that is leaking
  • Lighting that remain on after office hours
  • Computers that are not turned off after use


All of this leads to unnecessary costs, which we can prevent.

If you recognise these issues and are interested in saving costs and engaging in sustainable business practices, please make an appointment with one of our experienced professionals.

The platform

Click on a green dot to read what information the platform can display about a particular topic.


Click on the map below to discover where to best place a smart sensor.


After receiving your request, we will schedule an intake meeting.
During this meeting, we will assess with you the possibilities of mapping energy consumption by installing smart sensors.
The sensors will be placed at points thatmay be susceptible to energy leakage.
In consultation with your house installer, an installation plan will be created.


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