Rhino ED DI-D

Rhino ED DI-D

Rhino ED DI-D is a recorder for gas, water, heating and kWh meters that is installed in hard-to-reach places. It reads data from meters with pulse outputs. Data transfer is via RF to the Rhino AP. The module is powered by a high-capacity internal battery.




Technical parameters

Rhino communication Frequency range: 433MHz, ISM 1 channel
Power supply 3.6V D lithium battery (expected lifetime – 5 years)
Input 3 x 3V – 3.4V pulse input (max. 24V voltage input)
Display Alphanumeric with 8 characters
Configuration By Android mobile application using Bluetooth
Operating temperature range 0 ℃ – 85 ℃ (depending upon the installed environment)
IP class IP40 (not suitable for outdoor use)
Dimensions 87.5 mm x 90.0 mm x 65.0 mm (5 DIN modules)
Weight ~0.3kg
Additional equipment 1 x ISM antenna with 3m cable and magnetic base
Required cable types Signal thickness – 0.129-1.31 MM² – 26-16AWG