Rhino ED DI

Rhino ED DI

Rhino ED DI is an expansion module for the Rhino AP. It reads data from devices via impulse inputs (S0). Data transfer is wireless via RF to the Rhino AP. Rhino ED DI is powered by a high-capacity internal battery.




Technical parameters

Rhino communication Frequency range: 433MHz, ISM 1 channel
Power supply 3.6V AA lithium battery (expected lifetime – 7 years)
Input 3 x 3.6V pulse input (max 24V voltage input) or 3V – 11.8V pulse input (DIP switch enabled – max 24V voltage input)
2x binary input (configurable remotely)
Configuration Over the Air (OTA)
Operating temperature range 0 ℃ – 85 ℃ (depending upon installed environment)
IP class IP40 (not suitable for outdoor use – IP68 box available)
Dimensions 52.5 mm x 90.0 mm x 65.0 mm (3 DIN modules)
Weight ~0.1kg
Additional equipment 1 x ISM antenna with 3m cable and magnetic base
Required cable types Signal thickness – 0.129-1.31 MM² – 26-16AWG