Rhino WMBus RS232

Rhino WMBus RS232

Rhino WMBus RS232 serves as a gateway between wireless MBus supporting radiometers and the Rhino AP. It is a gateway that receives RF data from any number of wmbus meters in the RF range and passes them through the RS232 serial port. The module can also be used for remote configuration of wireless MBus end devices. Rhino WMBus RS232 is powered by an external 5-12VDC power supply.




Technical parameters

Rhino communication Wired RS232
Power supply 5-12 VDC (0.1A)
Output 1x RS232
Supported communication protocols T1 and C1 mode wireless M-Bus
Configuration Over the Air (OTA)
Operating temperature range -40 ℃ – 85 ℃ (depending upon installed environment)
IP class IP40 (not suitable for outdoor use)
Dimensions 18 mm x 90 mm x 53 mm (1 DIN module)
Weight ~0.05kg
LED indications Power (red permanent) – Power OK
RX (yellow short flash) – Data received
TX (green short flash) – Data sent
Reset button Used during local firmware update
Additional equipment 1 x ISM antenna with 3m cable and magnetic base
Required cable types Signal thickness – 0.129-1.31 MM² – 26-16AWG
Power supply thickness – 0.205-3.31 MM² – 24-12AWG